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The Top 3 Questions How Much How Long What About The Kids

I was recently asked, “What are the top three questions your clients ask when they call Peter J Fiorella, Jr. & Associates”.  The answer is both simple and complex.  With rare exception, a new client is worried about 3 things:  “How much is this going to cost?”.   “How long is this going to take?”  And, “What about the kids?”

For more than 40 years, Peter J Fiorella, Jr. has helped clients cope with the complexities of divorce, as well as the emotional and most difficult question, “What about the kids?”

If you are considering divorce, and have children, it is critical you have the very best representation possible.  Peter J Fiorella, Jr. & Associates has perfected a system which has resulted in thousands of satisfied clients.

Although it isn’t easy to take the first step, we invite you to call us to schedule a consultation.  We can answer your most pressing questions and help you understand the steps involved to assure you get the results you want.

Call us today at (716)200-1380.  We look forward to meeting you soon!