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When you retain an attorney to handle your divorce, you become part of a team. But you aren’t the leader. The team is headed by Chief Counsel and Trial Counsel.

You, the client, are the central figure in the divorce proceeding, but in these matters you are also a novice.  In the beginning, expect to draw strength from the expertise of the members of your team.

At your first conference, the team starts to form its plan for your case.  While the plan will be clear and specific, it also will be flexible. Proposals and response will adjust as the case moves forward and new facts are introduced or discovered in preparation for a settlement or trial.

The composition of the team needed for your case will be determined by Trial Counsel’s assessment as the case progresses based on the components of the martial (joint) estate and level of contention in the divorce.

The composition of the team depends on your case, and on what level of game the opposing counsel is trying to play.  You and your husband or wife may own a business together, or a collection of fine antiques. One of you may have psychological problems; there could be disputes over child custody; perhaps one of you sacrificed job opportunities and is dependent on the other’s pension or retirement plan.

In every lawyer-client relationship, fairness to both sides should be of paramount importance.  You must work with each team member individually and collectively to stay current on both strategy and negotiations.

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In War,
The general
Receives orders
From his soverign,
He assembles the troops
And forms an army.
—-Sun-tzu, The Art of War*

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