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There are several type of custody arrangements such as “sole custody”, “joint custody”, “joint shared custody” and “joint custody – primary residential”.  Each has its own implication.

Over the past several years the Courts have evolved into presuming that both the Husband and the Wife should have joint custody (unless there is an agreement to the contrary).  Therefore, it is important to plan for the present, as well as when the children mature going forward.

Our office, many years ago, stopped using custody and visitation.  One visits their favorite animal, one does not visit their children.  We have pursued the term“residential parent” and “access” for the other parent.

In many situations, we work with the clients to develop a schedule that fits their particular fact pattern.  It has been our experience, with proper guidance, (by the attorney/attorneys), the parties can reach a negotiated resolution without necessity of Court intervention.

Obviously, there is significant savings on legal fees, as well as stress on the parties, and, most importantly, the stress on the children.

Children need to know that going forward both the Husband and the Wife will continue to be their father and mother.

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