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Divorce is a major life change on the same order as marriage or the death of a loved one, but in a much different way. Many people delight in planning a wedding, and it’s a happy occasion. When a loved one dies, it can be wrenching, but most people are with others who share their grief, and they get through it together.

When a couple decides to end their marriage, most don’t have any idea how many other players could have a role in their case, or how long the proceedings will last.

The legal process to end a marriage can take as few as three months in some localities, and as long as eighteen months or more in others.  Whatever time it takes, there are moments when it will feel like forever.

Because of the volume of divorce cases that have unresolved issues, it is not unusual for a case to take 12 to 18 months to be finalized. Even when a couple choses to live apart during their divorce proceedings, they are not “legally separated.” They must come to an agreement for sharing expenses should they live separately and for delegating expenses should they continue living in the same home.

In most cases, the couple continue to share their residence while the legal matters play out.  This is a stressful arrangement that will take a psychological toll on all of the home’s occupants, adults and children alike, as the spouse try to firm up their positions financially and emotionally.

You should talk to your lawyer early on about how divorce actions proceed through your local judicial system.  While each state has its variations, most have enacted what is called an “Equitable Distribution Standard” for the steps that must be taken.

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