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When you realize your marriage has deteriorated beyond repair, the situation may already be affecting your health and mental well-being.  Finding the best divorce attorney can add to the stress, and is one of the steps of divorce..

There are significant differences among divorce lawyers, starting with their experience and professional training, particularly in their expertise in the area of contested or uncontested divorces.

When selecting an attorney to represent you, it is critical that your lawyer compliments your personality and not only represent you legally, but can help ease the transition from marriage through divorce.  A divorce is not a 100-yard dash; most contested divorces are more comparable to marathons.

Our clients understand that unlike the game of checkers, which is a level match-up, divorce requires  more strategy, like the game of Chess.

A prominent New York State Supreme Court Justice, who heard more than 2,000 divorce matters while on the bench, stated there are three boards played in a divorce case:

1.  the personality and background of the client;
2.  the personality and backgrounds of the opposing spouse and of his or her attorney;
3.  and the judge or judges who will hear the case

The lawyers who are rated by judges and fellow attorneys are the “grandmasters”. Grandmasters who can play at the three-chessboard level must have the ability to serve as psychologists, social workers and confidantes. They are their clients advisers, counselors, strategists, and when necessary, skilled trial attorney.

One of our clients shared with us her own comparison of playing chess while going through divorce. She said: “There is a term in chess called ‘breaking the shelter of the king.’ As the Grandmaster you show your clients how they can win by placing their opponent at a disadvantage….” by limiting the options of your opponent.

Stay-tuned for additional blog posts as we further explore how divorce is “a chess match you can’t afford to lose.”