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Client Testimonials

I retained Peter J. Fiorella, Jr. after reviewing his website and the testimonials from other clients.  Peter and his paralegal team member were extremely professional, thorough, and timely with the strategy provided by Peter for me.  My wife, through her attorney, attempted to make significant modifications to our verbal agreement and with Peter’s help and direction we were able to counter those positions that were not accurate, thereby resulting in significant dollar savings for me and yet provided a fair settlement for my former wife.  I will definitely recommend him to anyone considering a divorce and know he will provide to them the same services he did for me.
​                                                                                                                                                                                           -John

I knew Peter J. Fiorella, Jr. reputation from my partners at our business where he was a frequent customer.  My wife and I had reached a decision to be divorced and wanted it to be uncontested and not to incur a great deal of emotional stress or legal fees.  I provided to Peter our verbal agreement and Peter professionally provided to me significant areas that would need further negotiation so as to allow a Supreme Court judge to approve our Property Settlement Agreement.  My wife’s attorney was diligent in his services to her and Peter and his staff were able to have me provide the documentation necessary to have a Property Settlement Agreement drafted by Peter and signed by my wife and myself to be submitted to the court and I was granted an uncontested divorce.                                                              -SK

I found Mr. Fiorella on the internet and was impressed with his experience as a matrimonial attorney. I interviewed three attorneys and it became clear to me that Mr. Fiorella had a strategy for my complicated case which was carefully detailed in his book, “The Divorce Handbook.” As part of “my team,” we were able to navigate difficult times and the result that I obtained for my two children and myself was extremely favorable and I would highly recommend Mr. Fiorella in any complex divorce proceedings.

Returned all telephone calls promptly and initiated telephone calls to me regarding status, reviewed each stage of negotiations prior to starting, drafted Parenting Plan Agreement and Property Settlement Agreement, significantly reduced court appearances in an effort to save higher legal fees and to avoid my having to take off of work for court appearances.

I referred one of my clients to Peter Fiorella during a very troubling and depressing time in his life. The attorney on the other side was creating many problems for Peter and the client. Peter was extraordinarily patient and skillful in handling this situation to move it through the court system. Peter was able to reach a very favorable resolution on the eve of trial. The client was extremely satisfied with Peter and his staff and avoided an expensive trial in which the outcome is always uncertain.

I would highly recommend Peter Fiorella, Jr. Everything he told me that would happen on my first and second visits, happened. My divorce was long and very emotional and sticky. He was wonderful, he kept me on track when I wanted to give up, gave me great advice and gave me insight on the whole process. I talked to four attorneys before I went to him and I am so thankful that he took my case.

Peter Fiorella was very honest, sincere and dedicated in helping me during the hardest time in my life. Communication with Peter and his office staff was excellent. I would strongly recommend Peter Fiorella to anyone facing divorce. Peter Fiorella and his office staff gave me the strength and determination to make the proper decisions that will help me for the rest of my life.

Mr. Fiorella is the “calm while you are going through your storm.” I had a team of attorneys and Mr. Fiorella was the quarterback who threw the touchdown passes and helped me win every battle AND the war! He is one of the best in the nation no doubt.

Peter Fiorella writes a ‘must read’ book for the woman who is contemplating divorce. Peter digs deep into his years of knowledge and experience as one of New York’s premier matrimonial lawyers to give needed assistance to the woman who is about to step through the doors of the courts. Peter offers ‘one of a kind’ assistance to the woman who needs to end her marital difficulties – Now!