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Divorce and Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily represent “love” to all people.  As a matter of fact, Valentine’s Day can often be a trigger that leads you to make the decision to move forward with divorce. There are quite a few reasons why this happen and in today’s blog post, we will review the
top 4:

1. Delayed New Year’s resolution – That procrastination that usually occurs with making this big decision sometimes continues after the holidays. You made a resolution to begin anew but you just have not executed on it. But as the day that celebrates love approaches, couples realize and recognize the absence of love in their marriage and are now ready to act on their resolution.

2. Second chances – Some people who missed divorce as a New Year’s resolution did so because they wanted to see if their spouse would give some sign that the marriage or relationship was worth saving. What better way to do that than to do something special to commemorate the day in the year that is formally attributed to demonstrating that love? When it doesn’t happen or does not meet your expectations, it is like putting the nail in the marriage coffin.

3. Getting caught – Cheating spouses often trip up on Valentine’s Day. It may not be the Hollywood bungle of sending flowers to your spouse with the name of your mistress. But it may be the text message, telephone call, or email from another love interest received at the wrong time or that is discovered by your spouse. The probability of getting caught increases at Valentine’s as communication and clandestine meetings with the “other” party is more likely to happen and suspicions are raised.

4. Coming clean – The flip side of getting caught is coming clean with your spouse that you are seeing someone else and, as a result, you want a divorce. Coming clean allows you to be honest with your spouse, as painful as it may be for them to receive this message, and your new love interest.

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It’s okay if you’re not sure you are ready to start divorce proceedings today, but it doesn’t hurt to speak with an experienced divorce lawyer who can answer all of your questions and guide you through the process.

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