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There are ten steps in which we believe is important to prepare you for interviewing attorneys to represent you.

1.    Reflect on your life;

2.    Talk to family, friends, clergy;

3.    Research names of lawyers;

4.    Prepare for your first conference;

5.    Take a friend or family member to your interview (ADVOCATE);

6.    Have the attorney define his/her role;

7.    Prepare – Prepare – Prepare;

8.    If you blink, you lose;

9.    After the divorce follow up;

10. Maintain your independence as your life goes forward.​

Sun-tzu, The Art of War*

I have heard that in war
Haste can be
But have never see
Delay that was

    Sun-tzu, The Art of War*
           APA (6th ed.)
​        Sun-tzu, ., & Griffith, S. B. (1964). The art of war. Oxford: Clarendon Press.