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Similar to the squares of a chess board, a divorce proceeding has different positions, powers, and players.  Imagine like this:

The Kings:                The divorcing Husband and Wife, whom the other pieces try to protect.

The Queens:            Chief Counsel/Trial Counsel – attorneys for each spouse. 

The Bishops:            The Judge who hears the case.

The Rooks:              Experts who help prepare supporting documentation information      (accountants, economists, actuaries, appraisers).

The Knights:            The attorney for the children, appointed by the courts, court appointed psychologists in contested cases

The Pawns:             THE CHILDREN.

The Art of War*
 Ultimate excellence lies,
Not in winning
Every battle
But in defeating the enemy
Without every fighting.
The highest form of warfare
Is to attack
The strategy itself.    
 *Sun-tzu, The Art of War
APA (6th ed.)
Sun-tzu, ., & Griffith, S. B. (1964). The art of war. Oxford: Clarendon Press.